Dog Food Allergies

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Dog Food Allergies


Our dogs have many ways to manifest us if what they are eating is good for them. We can see it with their behavior, level of energy, and the lust of their coat. The coat can give us a clear sign of how your dog’s health. From a lustrous smooth coat to a brittle or coarse fur and greasy bumpy skin.

Food has a big effect on your dog’s appearance. His diet should be well balanced in carbohydrates, and low in starch along with a good amount of natural ingredients. Sadly, a meal not well balance could lead to having skin conditions such a dull, dry fur and shedding. Also, could present symptoms as baldness (too much scratching). hot spots (inflamed bald patches) and but not least hyperpigmentation which is relatively common among the dogs with food allergies which the symptoms are a patchwork of dark and thick skin.

If your dog shows any of these symptoms should take it to the veterinarian to be evaluated, so he can give the proper treatment to your pooch.

If your pooch fur looks great, keep it up by brushing them regularly. A constant brushing with a healthy diet stimulates the skin and hair follicles. This increase the natural production of skin oils that give their coat luster.

A good balance food for your dog should have a rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and B vitamins with minerals. These ingredients are essential in caring for your pooch skin and coat.

Do not forget always talk with your veterinarian before starting any treatment or changing your dog’s food.

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